We dont vaccinate for covid or influenza in the clinic.  For an appointment go to or call 

region hovedstaden - 38649900.  

region sjælland - 70204233.  


Emergency/same-day appointments:

In the case of acute illness or the need for an appointment with the doctor on the same day, contact the clinic from 8:00 am to book an appointment. between 11-12.


Midwifery and pregnancy care:

We have a midwife, Pia, employed at the clinic. Pia takes care of many of the consultations regarding pregnancy care: 

- first pregnancy examination 

- urine analysis 

- week 25 pregnancy examination 

- other pregnancy-related concerns


Lung function examination (spirometry):

We kindly ask patients who have previously been diagnosed with asthma to bring their quick-acting/asthma attack medication to the examination as we examine lung function before and after inhalation of this medication. If you do not have a prescription for this or are unsure if you do, write to the clinic and we will renew/send the prescription before the examination. Please book an appointment via the appointment book (aftalebogen) or contact the clinic. 


Welcome to the specialists Malene Esager Liberoth, Hanne Lind Andersen, Sara Cvetkovski, Ágúst Gústafsson, & Dorte Skovbølling

Our clinic is a business cooperative jointly owned by the four general practitioners listed above. We also have 5 staff members, as well as doctors who are here for shorter stays as a part of their further training to become specialists themselves. We are centrally located in Vesterbro - between Vesterbro Torv and Copenhagen Central Station. Here on the website you can find information about our opening hours, telephone hours, and much more. Under the menu item "self-service" (selvbetjening) you can do nearly everything:

- book an appointment (however, NEVER more than one appointment on the same day, as the public Danish health insurance does NOT allow for this) 

- renew prescriptions

- read emails from and write emails to the physicians 

Health insurance card: 

Remember to bring your yellow health insurance card with you every time you come to the clinic - you must think of this card as your payment card towards the health insurance. People living or working in Sweden must also present their health card at the consultation. Visitors from EU countries must show their blue EU health insurance card. 

Acute urgent illness outside our telephone hours: 

If our telephones are closed in the afternoon, our on-call hotline can be contacted by telephone at: 70262922. However, these inquiries can only concern acute illness, not prescription renewals etc. When the practice is closed, i.e. between 4pm and 8am,  weekends, and public holidays please contact the Region H emergency hotline 1813. With serious or life threatening illness call 112. 

Disability conditions: 

We have wheelchair access and an accessible toilet.  As we have many families with children, there is no room for strollers or prams inside the clinic. According to the fire authorities, strollers and prams are not allowed in the stairwell, please arrive with enough time to park these in the courtyard before your consultation.